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Stevens Hemingway Stevens
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Stevens Hemingway Stevens
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Stevens Hemingway Stevens Stevens Hemingway Stevens Stevens Hemingway Stevens
Stevens Hemingway Stevens
Stevens Hemingway Stevens

Effective General Contracting is far more comprehensive than just constructing. Our belief is that the actual building of a project is the easy part. Many contractors are competent builders, but building effectively is what separates SHS Inc. from our peers. To be effective means being smart and thinking ahead. We're not bashful about challenging an architect on a specification, or a consultant on a detail, especially if a 'cost' or 'time consideration' is at stake. We believe it's our role to be proactive for the benefit of our client. Perhaps that explains why so many clients continue to solicit our services. We’ve built our business around repeat clientele, which is the truest testament to the level of our capability and proof positive that we must be doing something extraordinary.

In addition to construction, Stevens Hemingway Stevens, Inc. offers our clients the following services:

  • Budget Development
  • Landlord Work Letter Analysis
  • Project Design & Engineering Evaluation
  • Value Engineering
Many of our projects are "negotiated", whereby we will work on a fixed margin while still competitively bidding all of the subtrades. On negotiated jobs, we are typically involved early-on, offering all the above listed services as part of our fixed margin. We become part of the team at the inception of a project and work closely with the architect and his consultants throughout the design and engineering phases. We believe our insight of "construction means & methods" and "costs" are invaluable assets in helping to guide the design and engineering aspects of the job, and ultimately a significant benefit to our clients!

Regarding our work in the field, we have no labor or trade affiliations, but instead consider ourselves a "merit shop". We award the subtrade contracts for each project according to the most qualified and cost effective proposals received:  nothing more, nothing less. A commercial project, regardless of size, almost always requires a full-time Site Superintendent whose sole responsibility is that specific job. In addition, each project is assigned a Project Manager who, in turn, is assisted by a Project Administrator. All projects built by Stevens Hemingway Stevens, Inc. are ultimately overseen by one of the 2 founding principals, Pat Hemingway or Tom Stevens. It’s because of this team hierarchy, from our full-time Site Superintendent, to the Project Administrator, up to the Project Manager, all the way to the company owners, that we stand by our pledge:   "to build every project as if it’s our own".
Stevens Hemingway Stevens
Stevens Hemingway Stevens Inc. - Crockett, CA
Stevens Hemingway Stevens
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